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Peter Pan honors safety and excellence.

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Peter Pan Bus Lines held its annual Star Awards at the Sheraton Hotel, Springfield, MA on April 5th.  Employees were honored for their dedication to safety and exceptional customer service.  Among the winners were a bus driver that has driven accident free for over 3 million miles.  Joseph Anderson of Springfield joined his brother Everett Anderson as one of only a handful of professional drivers (bus, truck, train, or other) to drive over 3 million accident free miles.  Peter Pan Bus Lines is honored to have 4  bus drivers that have all driven over 3 million miles accident free.

In addition, driver Patrick Magner from the Providence Division was honored for having driven over 2 million miles accident free  - the equivalent of 24 years of accident free driving in the New England and New York areas.  Four drivers were honored for achieving the million mile mark (at least 12 years accident-free) this year as well: Howard Simon of Tuxedo Division (Washington, DC), Peter Frangomihalos of Secaucus Division (NJ), Eugene Nwafor of Secaucus Division (NJ) and Michael Dise of Springfield Division (MA).  Nationwide less than 400 professional drivers have achieved the million mile accident free mark and Peter Pan Bus Lines is proud to have 24 drivers that have achieved this phenomenal level of safe driving.

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